The Five who Escaped

In order to believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax, every witness testimony must be discredited.  Let’s take a look at some of the questions surrounding one witness, Tricia Gogliettino.  Ms. Gogliettino was the woman who found five of the children who escaped from Ms. Soto’s class running up the road.  Here’s the story.   Ms. Gogliettino’s account is corroborated by at least two of the children in the group ( CNN, People). Where are the “problems” with this account?

One “researcher” dedicated a blog post on the subject, and raised several questions:

If we’re at the point where kids are fleeing the building, that means the shooting has already begun.  Why didn’t “Tricia” receive notification that the school was on lockdown like all the other parents reported?

Tricia hadn’t received the notification that the school was on lock down, because it hadn’t gone out yet.   How long do you think it took the kids to run from the school to the point where they were picked up?  She would have picked up the students minutes after the shooting started.  It takes time for police to notify the schools and the authorities to put out the broadcast.   Besides that, not every parent would have received the text notice — you have to subscribe to these notification and alert systems, and not everyone does.

If you believe what the kids are reporting and that lives are in danger and your own children are in that building, are you really going to take the time to drive some kids to the police station and sing to them?!  Wouldn’t she rush to the school to check on her own kids?

Yeah, I’d probably just say, “Too bad, kids.  You’re on your own,” and head to the school.

No, I wouldn’t leave these kids alone on the street, and unsure of what was going on, I wouldn’t take them back to the scene they just  fled.  This was only minutes after the shooting started; no one had a complete picture of the situation yet.   Remember, Gogliettino hadn’t  gotten a text  yet, she didn’t know the extent of the situation.  Whatever information she had came from frightened 6 years olds.

The Newstimes article the author references (link above) also explains that at some point she did receive a text letting her know her own children were safe.   Knowing her own children were safe, Gogliettino  made the choice to stay and comfort the five.

If she called the police who by then would have received the 911 calls from the school, why would they tell her to drive these kids to the police station when everyone was meeting at the fire station?  And really, would police tell some woman to drive 5 kids to the police station? Wouldn’t they more likely have sent a car to the location to check out the situation?

If this was a situation where children were lost, or separated from parents at the shopping mall, then yes, I suspect the police would have told the caller to hang on to them and send an officer to the scene.  But, that wasn’t the situation. The police and Gogliettino would have known that it was potentially dangerous to stay in place.  Of course, I would have been concerned about my own children, however, Ms. Gogliettino may have reasonably believed that the more immediate danger was to herself and the children on the road.  And the rest of the children were still in the school.  The decision to evacuate the school and assemble at the firehouse had not been made.  The police did not know the firehouse would be the eventual reunification site.

This is yet another version of the kids escaping.  This time it is 5 kids, not 6 and instead of going to Rosen’s house they are found on the street and taken to the police station.  There is another version of this story where the kids are picked up at the fire station.  It would be very interesting to get all parties together to discuss what happened with the kids, including the kids themselves but that’s not going to happen.  This video discusses some of the inconsistencies with the escaped kids.

Two different groups of kids escaped the school.  One group ended up on Gene Rosen’s lawn.  The other group met up with Ms. Gogliettino.  Perhaps the author has figured this out by now, but if he/she has, she hasn’t taken the time to correct her misinformation.

All we have here are opinions.  The police and Ms. Gogliettino didn’t behave the way someone thinks they should have behaved.  But, the behavior really isn’t unreasonable at all.  You only need it to be. Otherwise, you are left with five witnesses who can identify the shooter.  And, that doesn’t fit your agenda.

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10 Responses to The Five who Escaped

  1. Susan Ludwig refers to Ms. Gogliettino as the other parent but does not see Barbara Sibley both are at the school parking area at the same time..

    • spicemomma says:

      I’m not aware of any interview where Ludwig discusses whether or not she saw Sibley in the parking lot. Do you have a source?

      However, Ludwig arrived at the school a few minutes after Sibley. We know this because Ludwig sees the escaped children after Gogliettino has stopped to help them. Sibley sees the kids running before Gogliettino stops. Sibley then arrives and approaches the school, hears shots and runs to hide behind the dumpster. Ludwig reports that police are on scene when she arrives and instruct her to wait by her car. I would not expect Ludwig would see the already hiding Sibley.

      • Johnny Canuck says:

        Sorry, but from what I can see there is no dumpster out front. From Police Transmission Transcripts, one officer responds that he has two people with him behind a dumpster in the back. Why would Sibley run all the way around the school to hide behind a dumpster?

        There is a video of Ludwig and it is pathetic. She has a Robbie Parker moment and she is clearly reading from a script.

        As for the five Children, they were picked up about a half mile from the school. They left the school at 9:35 and were picked up at around 9:40. That is five plus minutes to run half a mile. They would have had to run at a constant speed of six MPH. That is not so easy for six year olds.

      • spicemomma says:

        Ludwig’s interview was March 29, 2013. Did she prepare notes for the interview? Yes, she did. As would I. Nothing strange about that.

        It’s .2 miles from the school to the end of Dickenson Dr. According to google maps. I’m not sure exactly where the children were picked up, but Google has the intersections either direction at .5 miles, so it seems to me the kids ran less than .5 miles. Regardless, according to presidential fitness results, 6 year olds at the 50th percentile can run a .5 mile in 5.2 (boys) and 5.54 (girls) minutes.

  2. Johnny Canuck says:

    OK. I finally found one picture that shows what looks like 3 dumpsters at the front West side of the Parking lot. If it were me, I would have just run away from the building back to the roadway. There is a tiny baseball field and a dugout that would have provided some kind of protectiion.

    • spicemomma says:

      Glad you found the dumpsters, which are much closer to the school entrance than the baseball field dugout. But if you thought the dugout was a better option in your panicked state, I wouldn’t judge you.

      • sandyhooked says:

        Wait, what? Ludwig is the other lady behind the dumpster? Does anyone have any sources to provide?

      • spicemomma says:

        Ludwig was in the parking lot. I don’t know who the other parent behind the dumpster was.

      • sandyhooked says:

        Do you know if she gave a statement or not? The only statement I’ve been able to find about a person parking in the lot that early is Book 5 00002173 and her follow up Book 5 00163580, but she states that she pulled over on Church Hill Rd. to let them by and says nothing about seeing Tricia Gogliettino on Riverside Rd. and the other women that says she was with Tricia stated she went to the station, not the school (Book 5 00101180).

      • spicemomma says:

        I don’t remember if she gave a statement to police. It’s been a long time since I read those.

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