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Logic Fails

1.  A document on drills found on the HSEEP website states that “Water will be available during the exercise.” 2. There was water at the Sandy Hook firehouse. 3. Conclusion: Therefore, Sandy Hook was a drill. Advertisements

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Out of the Spotlight

The witnesses who came forward and talked to the press unwittingly became stars of hoax videos.  Their pictures are plastered on websites with red circles and arrows.  The occupations of their family members are examined.  They’ve been declared crisis actors.  … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Check-In

My town has an LED sign. It shows up sometimes warning us of high water, a change in traffic pattern, or alerting us to water restrictions. Sometimes, it sits right in front of the firehouse announcing an open house or … Continue reading

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Off the Radar

Recently, a truther blog posted a list of unanswered questions about the Sandy Hook shooting, including the question “How did Adam disappear off the radar for 3 yrs if he was a computer wiz?” First of all, the question is … Continue reading

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A blog devoted to questioning the official account of Sandy Hook has posted a list of unanswered questions. I thought I’d try to tackle them one by one. Leading the list: 1. Who ordered the port-a-potties? When were they delivered? … Continue reading

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Debunking the Green Screen at the Firehouse

The theory goes like this:  The actors were filmed, prior to 12/14, acting out their roles in front of a blue screen at the Sandy Hook Firehouse.  This film was then played for us on 12/14 in support of the … Continue reading

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