A blog devoted to questioning the official account of Sandy Hook has posted a list of unanswered questions. I thought I’d try to tackle them one by one.

Leading the list:

1. Who ordered the port-a-potties? When were they delivered? Why were they put up by the school? Why were they put by the firehouse?

While most of us don’t give much thought to the disposal of human waste, portable toilets are high on the priority list of needs to be considered in disaster planning.  If you stop to think about it, it makes sense.  In a disaster like a flood, tornado or earthquake which could disable a city’s water and sewage system, city leaders have plans to follow and put in effect immediately after such events.   And when these events are unexpected, port-a-potties can be secured and put up pretty quickly.  Any news worthy incident that brings a large number of people to an area would also require adequate bathroom facilities.  And that may mean port-a-pots.   An article describing the scene at Columbine states, “In a disaster such a scene is standard, as are the portable toilets and the Red Cross food truck.” http://www.jessicaseigel.com/articles/columbine.shtml

As far as the specific questions posed, I don’t have access to Newtown’s municipal records, but my best guess is that the town, county or state ordered them.  But, it wouldn’t surprise me if the news agencies ordered them either.  Or maybe it was an organization like the Red Cross, or maybe a local port-a-pot company anticipated the need and delivered them.

Why were they put up at the firehouse and not the school?  Um, did you watch any of the news footage?  The reporters were at the firehouse not the school.  Who do you think the port-a-potties were for?  Did you expect hundreds of news people to use the bathrooms in the firehouse?

Regarding the timing, I really don’t know when they were delivered.  If I recall, someone pointed them out in the video from helicopter.  I wasn’t able to find a working video link, but according to a poster over at GLP the porta-potties appear shortly before 14:30 but not before 13:30 (http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2146668/pg1).  I don’t see them in the helicopter video early in the day, so I’ll go with that. So, they would have appeared about 3-4 hours after police arrived on the scene. I’ve seen port a potties be set up.  Doesn’t take very long.

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