The FEMA School Shooting Handbook

Theory:  The events at Sandy Hook followed the protocol established in the FEMA School Shooting Handbook.  This handbook is widely cited as the go-to manual for established protocols and procedures to be followed during a school shooting drill. Three key passages in this document prove that Sandy Hook was a drill.

Whether you believe Sandy Hook was a drill or not, it’s illogical to support your argument using a few passages from the famed document.  First, the document referenced on all these hoax promoting sites is not the official FEMA handbook on the subject.  Secondly, the actual similarities highlighted are trivial; the imagined similarities are, well, imagined.

You’ve seen the videos and you’ve read the blog postings, both media provide the images taken from the “FEMA School Shooting Handbook:”

Fema - sign insignin

FEMA refreshments


The hoax community uses these passages from this important document as evidence that Sandy Hook was a hoax, and this is where their logic goes wrong.

  1. Wake up SHEEPLE!!  It’s the FEMA School Shooting Handbook!!

But no, it’s not.  There is no “FEMA School Shooting Handbook.”  The images above come from a document produced by Pottawattamie County, Iowa, in preparation for a specific active shooter drill scheduled to be run on March 26, 2011 and are misidentified as excerpts from “The FEMA School Shooting Handbook.”  You can even see “Pottawattamie” appears in one of the images.  According to the document itself, the Exercise Plan was prepared by Emergency Management, Pottawattamie County with guidance from DHS and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.  The Pottawattamie document can be found here:

FEMA/HSEEP does have an Exercise Plan Template that is available for community planners to use when preparing for drills.

You can clearly see that one document was modeled from the other, but they are not the same document.

I don’t know about you, but I have a problem when someone deliberately represents one thing as being another.  I don’t like it when the media does it, and I don’t like it when my fellow citizens do it either.  People who continue to refer to this document as the official “FEMA School Shooting Handbook” are either deliberately misleading you, or simply parroting information from another source without taking a moment to think critically about the information.

2. Well, the Pottawattamie document was put together well and touted by FEMA as a model to follow for future drills.

Actually, no.  The scheduled drill caused quite an uproar on the internet.  The scenario described in the document was seen as racially inflammatory and conspiracy leaning internet web sites gave the drill a good bit of attention prior to the drill.  (  A Google search will reveal that the same information was duplicated on similar blogs and discussion sites the week before the scheduled drill.

The uproar caused one disturbed Ohio man to become so wound up, he was moved to call the school and leave a threatening message.  (   The drill was then cancelled.

3.       Okay, so the document was misidentified.  But it’s still modeled from the FEMA template and there are similarities between the template, the Pottawattamie document and the events at Sandy Hook.

I would expect there would be similarities between any drill and an actual event, at least if the drill was well organized and planned.  If there aren’t, then the drill doesn’t serve its purpose.  It’s like getting a hold of plans for a fire evacuation drill at School A and using it support the theory that a fire was actually a drill gone wild at School B.  In both cases, children exited the school in single file lines and the teachers carried their emergency evacuation plans with them.

There are only three similarities between the Pottawattamie document and the events that occurred in Newtown, CT that morning: 1) bathrooms, 2) water, and 3) sign in sheets.   These three characteristics are not unique to drills or even emergency response situations, although I imagine they are common at both events.

The Pottawattamie document is 41 pages long. The other 40 pages describe a very different event, including a detailed scenario, names of specific locations and agencies,  and lists dates and timelines specific to the Iowa event, even naming  the planning committee members.

The  FEMA template has even fewer similarities.  There is nothing in the FEMA template stating a requirement for refreshments or bathrooms.  The good people of Pottawattamie County thought it would be a good idea to be prepared for the bathroom needs of participants, and to provide water to prevent dehydration during the planned four hour drill, but it does not appear to be a FEMA mandate.

4.       Well,  what about all the color coded identification badges? 

fema id

Notice that the colors suggested in the chart from the FEMA template above differ from those outlined in the Pottawattamie document.   If there is a FEMA mandated color identification scheme, the Pottawattamie document clearly goes against the policy.

fema colors

FEMA Template Color Guide

pottawattamie colors

Pottawattamie Color Guide

5.      So, the Sandy Hook planners changed the ID badge color scheme.

In the pictures purported to prove the Sandy Hook Drill, the players are identified by non-uniform ID badges hanging from lanyards.  One woman, identified as Alicia, is wearing a name badge pin as a clerk or waitress might wear.  So, I guess if you happened to have your own name tag, you didn’t need the lanyard style badge.  Hardly seems like the policy of bureaucratic agency.

Most of the badges appear to be white, with a few that are yellow.  How does that assist the players in identifying who is playing what role? Having badges that aren’t easily identifiable as a color sort of defeats the whole purpose of the color coded badge scheme.

6.       Well, the people with the white ID badges were all playing the same role.  The other participants were identified by the color of the clothing they were wearing.  The FEMA document says clothing can be used to identify players, and obviously Sandy Hook changed the colors for their drill.

The template document states the “Exercise staff may be identified by badges, hats, and/or vests to clearly display exercise roles; additionally, uniform clothing may be worn to show agency affiliation.”  Note the words “clearly” and “uniform” and consult your dictionary if necessary.  The color-coded identification system that the hoaxers point out is anything but uniform or clearly identifiable.  In an article titled, “More Purple Controllers doing their job,” one blogger identifies “purple” controllers dressed in brown, maroon, blue and floral garments. (Interestingly, the Pottawattamie document he cites identifies “green” as the color for controllers, but whatever.) ( Some participants are identified by the color of the outer coats, while others are wearing the colored coded shirt beneath their outerwear.  The videos point out similarly attired individuals. It’s really quite laughable.

Seems as though it would be awfully confusing to identify who is who without a clear and consistent identification policy if in fact this were a drill.

If you still think Sandy Hook was a drill, you are going to need something more logical to support your position in order to convince my readers of your position. Citing a few paragraphs from the Pottawattamie document doesn’t cut it. Remember, only sheeple blindly follow.

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