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Where are the Cell Phone Photos?

My last post focused on the lack of media pictures during the evacuation. Apparently, truth seekers find it odd that no cell phone pictures or video from the school or firehouse was leaked to the internet by the people who … Continue reading

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The Evacuation

Let’s examine the Sandy Hook “Truthers” claim that there are no photos or video evidence of the children being evacuated.  Well, first of all, that’s not true.  There are some photos of children being evacuated.  We’re all familiar the two … Continue reading

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It’s Not Impossible: Weaklings can Shoot Fish in a Barrel

Conspiracy Theorists like to say it was physically impossible for Lanza to have acted alone for two reasons:  1) He was too weak to carry the weaponry, and 2) Only a skilled marksman could cause so much damage in so … Continue reading

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Examining the Stories of Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen is painted as one of villains in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  “Truth Seekers” have prepared video after video telling us that his account of the morning of 12/14 is riddled with inconsistencies.  Let’s take a look at these … Continue reading

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