Examining the Stories of Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen is painted as one of villains in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  “Truth Seekers” have prepared video after video telling us that his account of the morning of 12/14 is riddled with inconsistencies.  Let’s take a look at these inconsistencies.

Feeding the Cats or Going to the Diner?

The focal point of Gene’s story is not the activities of his morning routine, but rather finding the children and offering them aid.  In various media reports and Gene’s interviews, his activity before discovering the children on his lawn varies.  He was feeding his cats, leaving for the diner, looking out the window, and returning from a walk.

I don’t know exactly what Gene did that morning, but it seems reasonable to me that he could have come home from his walk, gone upstairs to the loft, fed the cats, noticed the children from  a window, left the loft and approached his car to go to the diner.  Truthful witnesses will include extraneous details in their testimony, and different extraneous details when they retell the story.  The details of Mr. Rosen’s morning routine are all extraneous to the main story.  The reporters don’t ask Gene to elaborate on these details because they are irrelevant to the story.  It’s possible he gave more clarification about his routine, but those statements were lost on the cutting room floor.

In one media account, a journalist describes Gene as returning from breakfast at the diner.  Gene doesn’t say this in any of his interviews; it appears to be another media mistake.  “Truthers” don’t want you to believe anything the media reported about Mr. Rosen, just this one detail.

Look to Mr. Rosen’s police statement and his actual interviews for the best source of information regarding how he came to discover the children.  Every high school student knows that primary sources, such as witness testimony and original documents, are a better source than newspaper accounts.

Phone Calls to Parents

Another apparent discrepancy is whether Gene and the bus driver called the parents, or the bus driver’s supervisor contacted the parents.  This isn’t an either/or situation.  According to Gene’s police statement, the children gave Gene their home numbers (Yes, 6 year old children are able to recite their home phone numbers.  The parent of any kindergartner can tell you this is one of the first things drilled into their heads.  My children knew their phone numbers and home address before they started kindergarten.)  Gene was unable to reach most parents at home, so the bus driver contacted her supervisor who helped notify the parents.

This is corroborated by both the bus driver and Rosen’s police statements.

Bus Drivers Statement 00003250Rosen’s Statement 00257146

How did the kids get picked up?

Parents picked up children from Gene’s house.  Gene walked children over to the firehouse.

These statements are both true, The truth of one statement does not exclude the other statement from being true.

Three children were picked up at Gene’s house.  Gene walked the fourth child over to the firehouse.

The number of Children at Gene’s house

Gene Rosen said there were six children at the end of the driveway.  We know six children were killed in Ms. Soto’s class.  Another 5 escaped and were picked up by the woman in the white van.  There were only 15 children in Ms. Soto’s class.  The numbers don’t add up.

You are right, they don’t.  But there is a key piece of information missing.  Two of the children at Mr. Rosen’s house were the bus driver’s children.  They did not escape Ms. Soto’s classroom, but were with the bus driver as she arrived on scene.

It’s reasonable to believe that Mr. Rosen wasn’t aware of this fact on the morning of the 14th.  He assumed all the children at the end of the driveway had escaped from the classroom.

The bus driver’s police statement is redacted, corroborating  that at least one other person was with the bus driver as she ran her morning errands.  In her statement, she says four children were at the Rosen’s house.  She understands that her own two children did not escape the school.  After talking to both witnesses, the police understand that there is not a discrepancy.  Mr. Rosen had incomplete information regarding who the children were.  The bus driver did not.

Gene was at the Firehouse when he was supposed to be at home with the kids

Yes, Gene was at the firehouse.  He’s told us that.  He and the bus driver walked the child who wasn’t picked up at his house over to be reunited with his/her parents. He later went back to the firehouse with the woman who came to his house looking for her son.

Some media reports suggest that Gene was at home with the children for hours, but does that really make sense?  The parents would have picked up  their children quite quickly, and the one remaining child walked over to the firehouse until his/her parents could arrive.  That would put Gene on scene at the firehouse within an hour, just in time to be picked up on the helicopter footage.

Gene doesn’t know how many kids he walked over to the firehouse

Gene originally thought all six children escaped the school  He now knows that two were children were the bus drivers.  At the time he gave his police statement, he wasn’t sure how many of the children belonged to the bus driver.

He saw the list before it was released

So what if he did? The people of Newtown weren’t getting their information from the news media like we were.  I imagine there was an unofficial list at the firehouse, and lots of other townspeople saw this list before it was officially released.

In some accounts, the children are with an angry man

Yes, Rosen includes this detail in some of his accounts.  So?  There was a man and a bus driver. Perhaps this is the man who helped the lady in the van with the other five kids, or just one of the parents arriving for the holiday activities.  We don’t  know.  Rosen sometimes includes this detail, but that doesn’t make his statements inconsistent, just incomplete.

Why not call 911?

Maybe he did.  Just because it wasn’t reported, it doesn’t mean he did not call 911.

Maybe he didn’t.  Maybe he saw the police activity going on and decided not to tie up the 911 line.  Maybe the bus driver’s supervisor informed them that 911 had been notified and police were on scene.

He didn’t behave the way you think he should have behaved.  People often don’t in times of crisis.

Why did the bus driver drop them off at Gene’s

Many people made the assumption, including Gene Rosen, that the children had been dropped off by a school bus onto the Rosen property.  Some continue to believe that the children were physically on the bus.  They weren’t.  A woman,  who happened to be a bus driver, stopped her personal vehicle to help the children.  See her statement above.

Gene’s Alternate Identities

By now, even most of the conspiracy theorists realize that the Gene Rosen  in the IMDB database is not the same man.  Unfortunately, no one bothers to go back and clean up all the bunk on the subject.  They are two different people who happen to have the same name.

Most people have also figured out that he isn’t the guy from FEMA either.


There really isn’t anything in any of Mr. Rosen’s statements that contradicts his other statements. What can’t be explained is why, if Mr. Rosen is in fact a government pawn, he went rogue with the script and was allowed to speak to the press so many times.


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2 Responses to Examining the Stories of Gene Rosen

  1. cmotley says:

    The live statements made by Mr. Rosen have been broadcast on all of the major networks. He is a liar. See for yourself. “WAYBACKMACHINE” OR YOU TUBE, OR TELEVISION NEWS ARCHIVES.

    • spicemomma says:

      Thanks for the tip. ‘Cause I hadn’t thought to listen to Mr. Rosen’s statements prior to writing this piece.

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