The Evacuation

Let’s examine the Sandy Hook “Truthers” claim that there are no photos or video evidence of the children being evacuated.  Well, first of all, that’s not true.  There are some photos of children being evacuated.  We’re all familiar the two photographs Shannon Hicks released.  One depicts a line of children being led by Officer Van Ness; the other shows a group of different children being led by the same officer with a young man in a USA jacket in the foreground.  There are also a few lesser known photos showing the children evacuate — one shows a line of children walking along the road and another shows the children at the fence line of the school.  I’m having trouble finding them again now, but I’ll keep looking. 

My point is that there are photos, but those aren’t enough to satisfy those who believe Sandy Hook was a conspiracy that there was actually an evacuation. There are also countless photos of children and parents leaving the scene together.  It’s pretty reasonable to conclude that these children came from the school, but the logic of conspiracy theorists seems to be that we can’t be sure they were in the school unless we have proof they evacuated.  (They think the children could have used a secret network of tunnels under the town to arrive at the firehouse that morning.)

The proponents of the hoax ignore all the published images of children, and instead focus on the helicopter footage which shows a noticeable lack of children at the school and in the back of the firehouse.  Let’s look at why this is. The most obvious explanation would be the children were already evacuated when the helicopter arrived.  Is there any evidence to support this claim? In Book 3 of the police report, there are two files that document the timeline of the evacuation.

Book3 - File 55705

Book3 – File 55705

Book 3 - File 56732

Book 3 – File 56732

These documents place the evacuations as occurring between 10:02 and 10:17, with a final group of cafeteria workers being evacuated at 10:20.  Detective Van Ness arrived at the school around 10am, and was involved in the process of evacuating the children beginning at 10:02.  According to this article in Time, Ms. Hicks was one of the first to arrive on scene, and snapped the her famous picture at 10:09.  These different sources all collaborate that the evacuation took place between the window of 10:00 to 10:20. Now, the times recorded in the police documents are the times the children passed in front of the police cruiser.  We can add the additional time it would take time to walk from the school to the firehouse.  Sandy Hook hoaxers repeatedly refer to the distance between the school and the firehouse as 1/2 mile away, which is a deliberate exaggeration.  Thanks to Google Maps, it’s pretty easy to calculate the distance between the locations.  It’s .2 miles, or 1/5 of a mile.  Google estimates it would take 5 minutes to complete the walk.


My reasoning puts even the cafeteria workers at the firehouse by 10:25.

One big question remains: What time did the helicopter arrive at the scene?  I’m having a hard time pinning down an exact time. According to the website MediaBistro,, local Hartford stations broke in to programming between 10:26 and 10:30, with News 12 CT arriving on scene at 10:53, well after the children had been evacuated. It seems unlikely that the helicopter would have been on site before the stations broke in to programming with the news, especially given those first reports didn’t include aerial footage.

So, were the children simply safe and sound in the firehouse or on their way home before the helicopter arrived on scene? Or, were there no children to be evacuated, and an entire town and a few well paid actors came out to participate in a drill occurring at a non-functioning school to create the largest false flag in history?

Occam’s Razor is the principal that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.


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5 Responses to The Evacuation

  1. Karin says:

    I agree with you about the Christmas trees and some of the other issues that you’ve addressed on this site. However, I still have a LOT of unanswered questions. I would like to focus on one at a time, because I find that if I list a bunch at a time, people answer the easiest ones, and only in a superficial manner.

    Here is Lt. Paul Vance:

    “That included checking every door, every crack, every crevice, every portion of that school. Our objective was to evacuate, as quickly and efficiently as possible, any and all students and faculty of the school…..”

    Yet, the school nurse and a colleague report that they were remained hidden in a closet until 1:15.

    I have no problem with the notion that the women would hide for a long time. I do have a MAJOR problem with the notion that they wouldn’t have heard the MANY policemen with their MANY radios as they searched the building. And I must say that I am truly BEWILDERED that it would take 4 hours for a dozen or so police to discover them. How on earth would this be possible?

    (I would appreciate you not bringing up “Occam’s Razor”. Occam’s Razor is only compelling for people who don’t have a clue about things like Operation Northwoods, Operation Gladio, The Finders, etc. Occam’s Razor doesn’t apply when we’re dealing with “Black Ops” and anyone who has any extensive knowledge of how Black Ops work is well aware of this).

    Thanks for your time.

    • Karin says:

      I should have carefully edited my post more carefully. I meant to say that I would like to focus on one question at a time, because I find that if I list a bunch at a time, people answer ONLY the easiest ones, and only in a superficial manner.

    • spicemomma says:

      Thank you for your kindly worded comment.

      People behave unpredictably when under tremendous stress. I was once the victim of an attempted assault. When the police arrived to my aid, I was afraid to let them in my door, even though they were dressed in police uniforms and held their badges up to my peep hole. It wasn’t until the 911 operator told me the officer’s name that I was willing to open the door. And later, when an officer was questioning me about what type of gun my would-be attacker had, he showed me his gun to help me identify the type of weapon. I totally freaked out! It seems a little silly to me now, but I was totally paranoid in my state of fear and stress.

      It’s easy for us armchair quarterbacks to question the way the nurse behaved. We know it was safe for her to exit hours earlier, but she didn’t know that. She wasn’t watching CNN in that closet. In her 60 Minutes interview (sorry, I don’t feel like searching through videos now) she explains that she peaked out at one point and saw people who might have been police, but she wasn’t sure, so she stayed hidden, eventually being brave enough to open the door when someone jiggled the door.

      I can’t tell you why the police didn’t discover them for so long. In that same 60 Minutes interview, Cox describes her hiding place as being behind 2 locked doors. I’m not familiar with the layout of nurses office or the location of the supply closet, so I cannot make a judgement on the polices actions. It seems plausible that the nurse’s office appeared empty at a quick glance and the closet was overlooked initially. In Vance’s 1:42 press briefing, he says the police began the search when the entered the school, but he doesn’t say when they finished checking “every door, every crack…” It seems to me the nurse’s supply closet was checked around 1:15 when Ms. Cox was found.

  2. Melanie says:

    I came across this today, and thought I’d ask a question or two. Though, it’s been so long, I’m going to guess they won’t be seen. Can someone explain to me why the two photos Ms Hicks released had two boys being evacuated twice? Also in the ariel footage the shadows are different than in Ms Hicks photos. Does the sun move from West to East for this incident? Also, does no one else find it odd that the school nurse hid for however many hours? Presumably, She would be the only adult there with medical knowledge, but I’m supposed to believe that She didn’t try to help any kids? I thought training is supposed to teach professionals to maintain their composure in these types of situations; if not, what is the point? At the very best, I am supposed to believe the school nurse was a coward? I don’t buy it.

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