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FBI confirms no deaths

The 27 deaths were reported in the state totals, not the town totals. Debunked here: And here: Thanks guys. You are much better at keeping up than I am. Advertisements

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Rumor Has It – Why we thought Nancy was a Kindergarten Teacher

In the early stages of any event, rumors get started.  On that fateful morning in Sandy Hook, the rumor that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher flew through the media.  Leaving this as one of the big errors in reporting … Continue reading

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Take a Load Off Annie

There’s a video going around claiming that Nancy Lanza is still alive and is, in fact, a woman named Anne Haddad.  The vile and hateful comments I’ve read against Ms. Haddad make my skin crawl.  Anne’s crime?  She bears a … Continue reading

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Red Lining

Someone is lying about the email exchange between Flexfit and Bridget Norris.  It’s obvious that there are two versions of the email.  The question is, did Bridget modify the text to suit her own agenda, or did Flexfit alter the … Continue reading

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They Want to Take Away Our Peanuts!!

I recently came across a news story about a minor child who died suddenly from anaphylatic shock after accidentally ingesting a peanut product.  Using the logic of the Sandy Hoaxers, this story has all the elements of a hoax: 1.  … Continue reading

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