Take a Load Off Annie

There’s a video going around claiming that Nancy Lanza is still alive and is, in fact, a woman named Anne Haddad.  The vile and hateful comments I’ve read against Ms. Haddad make my skin crawl.  Anne’s crime?  She bears a slight resemblance to Nancy and she spoke to the media.  Conspiracy theorists, the 21st century version of witch hunters, are after this woman.  While they defend Adam Lanza as either non-existent or a patsy, they’ve convicted poor Haddad based on lies and superficial common traits of the two women.

The video in question is propaganda.  The narrator deliberately lies.  Sadly, all those critically thinking conspiracy theorists don’t question a word of what he says.  Critical thinking does not simply mean holding a view contrary to popular opinion.

The following is a list of points the videographer makes to support his position that Nancy and Anne are the same woman. You can try to find the video yourself if you like.  I won’t link to it.

1.  Both Lanza and Haddad are/were teachers of special needs kids.

No.  They aren’t.   Lanza was never a teacher.  Yes, that was reported incorrectly early on in the investigation.  The narrator says everyone was saying she was a teacher early on.  No, they weren’t.  The perception is that Sally Cox said she was a teacher.  She didn’t.  I’ve already addressed that here. Alex Israel did say she was a teacher, but watching Alex’s interview, it’s clear she barely knew the Lanza family and is simply repeating what she heard on the news.

No one who knew Nancy– friends, relatives — confirmed that she was a teacher.  No one.  The teachers in the school did not know who Lanza was.  The creator of this little video shows you Abbie Clements saying she doesn’t know the name Lanza.  He shows you an image quoting the Wall Street Journal that the school board has never heard of Lanza.  The narrator is actually confirming that Lanza wasn’t a teacher.

Then, the narrator makes the jump that they never heard of Nancy Lanza because they knew the woman as Anne Haddad. Simply because Clements states she is not familiar with the last name,the narrator makes an assumption that Clements does know a teacher with the same first name or a nickname for the same person. Clements has no idea who the teacher could be, because, as we know now, Lanza was not a teacher. But the narrator persists that Haddad presented herself as Lanza and worked at the Sandy Hook school, stressing that Clements says she knows no one with the last name Lanza, an emphasis on last name that Clements does not use, jumping to the conclusion that Clements knows a Nancy or an Ann at the school. He offers no evidence that either woman actually is a teacher at Sandy a Hook. He can’t. Because neither is or was.

The creator of the video asserts that Haddad and Lanza are the same woman based on this absurd presumption. Yet no one in Newtown has come forward to say the woman shown on the news is actually Anne Haddad. No other teachers, no former students, no parents of students. — Or are they all part of the conspiracy? No.  The answer is much simpler.  The teachers never heard of Lanza and no one recognized her because she was never a teacher. Click here to learn how the teacher rumor got started.

The creator of the video goes further to suggest that Annie identifies both herself and Nancy as special needs teachers.  I’m not a Haddad stalker, but it would appear from her fund-raising page that she is a special needs teacher.  The creator of the video queries, “How do we know Annie Haddad had some sort of a teaching background?”  Then, he deliberately misleads you, saying:

“She even had it on a little donation page she set up.  Saying ‘We were both teachers of special needs children.'”  He zooms in on Annie’s typed words.  What he is leaving out is that this donation page has nothing to do with Sandy Hook.  Haddad is not talking about Lanza.  This is a fundraising page that Haddad set up is to raise sponsorships for Avon Breast Cancer walk which Annie walked to honor her mother in law.  It is her mother in law who Annie spoke of as also being a special needs teacher.

So stop holding on to Lanza as teacher argument for the basis for your belief in the hoax.  It was corrected early on.  Lanza’s professional background is documented.  Prior to leaving the workforce to care for her children, Lanza worked in finance.  Lanza’s career is documented in multiple places, including this CNN article posted on 12/16/14. This early article also has the neighbor confirming that Nancy was not a teacher.

2. Anne has a past address at 1 Mill Street, a bar that Kaitlin Roig has been photographed in.

Somehow, this means Anne is Lanza.  You’d have a better argument if you were trying to prove Haddad is Roig. The narrator shows no connection between the bar in Port Chester and Lanza.

According to Google maps, Port Chester is a little less than an hour from Sandy Hook.  Roig, according to her AEI Speakers Bureau bio, took her first job in West Chester, CT, only 36 miles from Port Chester.  Where she lived during that time could have been even closer to Port Chester.

Haddad, from the White Plains area, lived even closer. If both woman had a connection to a popular hang out spot, that isn’t surprising.

I don’t know what Haddad’s connection to Port Chester is.  I can only speculate in the same manner the narrator does.  According to the screen shots presented in the video, Haddad at one point lived in the White Plains area, which is roughly 6 miles from Port Chester.  When I search myself in these databases, several of my work addresses show up. Seems quite possible Haddad could have worked there, or in the building next door, or even rented a small apartment in the back. It’s obvious that Haddad is several years older than Roig, so I’m going out on a limb here, but I doubt their days of hanging out at the bar overlapped.  We don’t even know if that address was a bar when Haddad had an affiliation with that address.

3. Anne is a nickname for Nancy.

Again, this is supposed to mean Anne is Nancy.  Apparently, no one noticed that the exact same person was presenting herself with two different names. Should we investigate every middle aged blonde woman in Newtown with the first name Ann?  Or Annie? Or Nancy?  Or Nan?  Or CiCi?

And let’s face it.  Being called Ann when your name is really Nancy, is not as common as a William being known as Bill, or Angela going by Angie. And technically, Nancy started as a nickname for Anne, but I’ll let that slide.  (Sort of.)

4.  Both married to Peter.

Wow.  Amazing.  Anne, Peter, and Nancy.  Such unusual names and yet here we have two women married to men with the same name.

5.  Both attended monthly moms’ groups.

This has to be my personal favorite. The male narrator, who finds it hard to believe there could be more than one moms’ group,  is clearly not a stay at home mom.

And hopefully he isn’t married to one.

Haddad cites her involvement in the Newtown Brookfield Moms Club. This group sounds like a large, well organized group that schedules play dates and nights out.  From what I remember reading, Nancy played bunko with neighbors and sometimes went to My Place for a drink.  Doesn’t sound like the same to groups to me.

As a former stay at home mom, I was a member of several mom’s groups, including my mom’s night out and bunko buddies on my street, a neighborhood group that scheduled play dates, and a larger church group that did civic minded events and coordinated larger day trips.  I have other friends that are involved in all these things plus book clubs, scrap booking clubs, and running clubs. And my town is smaller than Newtown.

This man thinks that Nancy and Anne had to belong to the same group.  If you don’t question his reasoning ability after this one, WTF is wrong with you?

6.  Anne Haddad has 7 aliases

The narrator tells us, “No normal person has this many names.”  He lists the names, stating “Ann Giorno. Annie Sweeney Ann Haddad. Ann P. haddad. Ann E. Haddad. The list goes on and on.” Ok, I count 5 so the list doesn’t go on that much further.  Maybe I mistyped my notes and missed all 7… I’m not going to listen to his video again.

Let’s consider the aliases.  It’s not unusual for a married women to show up under her maiden name, so one of the alternate last names is easily explained.  Some women are – gasp – divorced, and hence would be listed under that name too.  Ann, Annie, Anne and Ann E. are all variants of the same name — mistakes entered in by the typist filling out her information when she signed up for her utility bill, or entered by Ms. Haddad herself when choosing to go by a different form – like Annie instead of Anne.

I myself have 7 aliases. Read this post for more of the problems you’ll run into if you put too much faith in those on-line databases.

7. Haddad is on the Sandy Hook PTA with others mentioned in the story.

Shocking.  Parents of elementary school students serve on the PTA.

One of the points the narrator makes here is that no one notices that Anne, who looks just like Nancy, is one and the same person.  Well maybe that’s because anyone who knows them both doesn’t think they look all that much a like.  Or maybe it’s because Nancy’s children were long out of elementary school, and no one did know her.  (See #1.)

Once again, he fails to make any connection to Lanza. Lanza was not part of the PTA; she didn’t have an elementary age child and was not a teacher. He’s surprised that other Sandy Hook parents and teachers are also listed in the PTA. People, it’s the Parent-Teacher Association! If it isn’t obvious, it’s a group just for parents and teachers at that particular school.

8. Haddad and Lanza live 1 mile away, so neighbors wouldn’t have noticed they were the same person.

First of all, that statement is false.  Check out this screen shot taken from a blogger who is pushing this nonsense.

haddad map

Do you notice what I notice?  Yeah, not a mile.  Over 2.5 miles.  I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but 2.5 miles away is not my neighborhood.  In any direction.

Besides that, I don’t really understand how this is even suggestive of anything. They could have been next door neighbors or lived 10 miles apart.  If I was living a double life, I think I’d put more distance between my two identities, not establish two identities in the same town, let alone the same neighborhood.

If Haddad was masquerading around town as both herself and Nancy Lanza, someone other than an anonymous you-tuber would have blown the whistle by now.

But these dopes, who live hundreds of miles away and have never seen either woman in person, are convicting this woman based on a similar appearance from a few still photographs and a few seconds of video.  And the above list of total nonsense.

This isn’t critical thinking folks. This is imaginative thinking. And the hoaxers are eating it up like it’s genius.

Now, put your pitchforks away. Do the right thing and take a load off Annie.


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7 Responses to Take a Load Off Annie

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  2. Sherrie says:

    I’m sorry, but there is way too much compelling evidence against the whole Sandy Hook Hoax. You need to watch “we need to talk about Sandy Hook” video on YouTube. This is an outright lie! I am disgusted with everyone in that town and notice they aren’t having viguals anymore or inviting public. There are several lawsuits against this Sandy hook hoax. Millions of dollars of our tax money went to that town for lying!

    • spicemomma says:

      Sorry, Sherrie. I have watched the video, at least in part. You must have missed that post. I found it to be the usual baseless speculation found in every other hoaxer video. But if you’d like to point out the single, most compelling, piece of actual evidence presented in that video, feel free to direct my attention to that segment and I will revisit it.

  3. Erin says:

    Spicemomma, I hadn’t heard this Nancy/Annie bit before. I have however read a good deal of the research on Sandy Hook from both sides. I have found that there is a decent amount of BS being thrown around out there. I would have just looked over your post here and moved along, but your response to Sherrie made me stop. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for me is the photo taken by Shannon Hicks. It was plastered all over the media in the days after the event. It is the photo of the 15 or so children being lead across the parking lot by a policewoman. At some point, another version of this photo surfaced and was different than the first. The children were in a different order and one girl was missing from the second photo all together. The photos were taken in the same location. If this were an emergency evacuation, what could be a plausible explanation for the inconsistencies in these two photos? Also, these two photos are the only visible documented proof of the evacuation of 469 children and 70 adults. There was aerial coverage within minutes of first responders arriving on the scene. Why did we not see an evacuation?
    I am a skeptic of most things. I find it difficult to believe the media and also the conspiracy people. That photo was that “one piece of evidence” for me. Jim Fetzer and 13 others wrote a lengthy book on Sandy Hook. Many of them are credentialed, if that sort of thing matters to you. There’s a free download version on rense.com. It’s pretty repetitive which is annoying, but it gives a lot of detail on this Shannon Hicks photo. If you’re curious enough, check it out.

  4. There’s no way Nancy Lanza is Annie Haddad…people are so eager to unravel the Sandy Hook debacle, and rightly so…that they are falling for what amounts to nothing more than disinformation…and there is plenty of it to sift through. They don’t even look alike…Nancy was the true patsy of the hoax, and i believe her and Adam, who was real, were killed by the CIA, which Nancy was involved with, being one of their top psychological analysts, according to an early report, which also named a program she was involved in called DARPA…heard of them?? Evil, scary people there, who did studies to gain empirical data on things like the public’s reaction to a school shooting, or a terrorist attack.
    Could that have been disinfo? Yes. But i don’t believe it was. We were told the guns in the Lanza home were all CIA issue. Why would whomever put all this together say she was CIA and say the guns in the house were CIA…why would the CIA have very overtly involved themselves at all? They run the main stream media, which is how the stories all broke, through the MSM…obviously this could be them adding insult to injury as they have done in the past, but i find it hard to believe they would do it here. If we remember, she had just gotten home from a mini vacation on the morning of the 14th. I believe when she got in she would have found some men that she knew, from the CIA in her house. I believe they killed Adam, and then killed her, staging her bedroom to look as if Adam did it. I don’t believe Adam was ever at the school.
    We already know that the entire set up was a drill…that would mean that the real event happened the day before, at the Lanza home. Nancy was going through hell with Adam and his constantly worsening conditions, his issues at home and at school, which is why she wanted to home school him. She was a good Mother who did all she could for him. NO ONE cares though…they’ve set her up as some kind of monster who gave him guns etc., i don’t believe that for even one second.

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