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Sandy Hook School Sold at Auction!

Yes, it was. To a Harold E. Jackson for $5,000. In 1958. Sorry, that Sandy Hook was a two room school house, the predecessor of the school we are familiar with. Nice try though. Here’s an article from Bridgeport … Continue reading

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Crashing Down

Sad news out of Marysville, Washington yesterday. I only hope the people of Marysville don’t have it come crashing down on their heads. What do I mean? You know. I hope their Facebook pages aren’t stalked. I hope that personal … Continue reading

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Meet Your Brain

As I was watching the Ottawa tragedy unfold yesterday, the press played interviews of witnesses who described the gunshots they heard as “pop, pop.”¬† Some said they thought it was sounds from the construction site down the street. As I … Continue reading

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Take a Load Off Annie – Part 2

After my recent posting on the Haddad/Lanza controversy, I became aware of a new video that highlights the top ten reasons that Annie Haddad is really Nancy Lanza. In case you missed the first two versions off this video, the … Continue reading

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