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Sandy Hook School Sold at Auction!

Yes, it was. To a Harold E. Jackson for $5,000. In 1958. Sorry, that Sandy Hook was a two room school house, the predecessor of the school we are familiar with. Nice try though. Here’s an article from Bridgeport … Continue reading

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Crashing Down

Sad news out of Marysville, Washington yesterday. I only hope the people of Marysville don’t have it come crashing down on their heads. What do I mean? You know. I hope their Facebook pages aren’t stalked. I hope that personal … Continue reading

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Meet Your Brain

As I was watching the Ottawa tragedy unfold yesterday, the press played interviews of witnesses who described the gunshots they heard as “pop, pop.”  Some said they thought it was sounds from the construction site down the street. As I … Continue reading

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Take a Load Off Annie – Part 2

After my recent posting on the Haddad/Lanza controversy, I became aware of a new video that highlights the top ten reasons that Annie Haddad is really Nancy Lanza. In case you missed the first two versions off this video, the … Continue reading

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