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The Check-In Sign Revisited

My husband likes to complain that I always have to be right.  I respond with a line I stole from Modern Family’s Claire Dunphy: “Sweetheart, I would love to be wrong, but the people I live with make that impossible.” … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Houses

I helped my son dress as the ginger bread man for Halloween last year.  Are you conjuring an image in your head of a rosy cheeked toddler dressed in a snugly warm brown footsie with white rick-rack trim and black … Continue reading

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AP Photo Dates

I hate to see people walking through the internet with toilet paper stuck to their shoes. Despite mountains of information to the contrary, the Sandy Hook Hoaxer community continues to promote the same bad conclusions, and frankly, they are looking … Continue reading

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To Mary and Rita

As a child, I attended a large number of funerals. Being from a large Irish Catholic family, there was no shortage of great aunts and uncles dying, and my mother felt it was important to teach children about death at … Continue reading

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