Gingerbread Houses

I helped my son dress as the ginger bread man for Halloween last year. 

Are you conjuring an image in your head of a rosy cheeked toddler dressed in a snugly warm brown footsie with white rick-rack trim and black buttons? If you are, you would be wrong. My son, a red headed teenager, dressed in a white apron and bakers cap. You see, he wasn’t The Gingerbread Man, he was the Ginger Bread Man. 

From the beginning, people have questioned the gingerbread activity at Sandy Hook.

Parents and teachers gave different party start times. 

No one does parties that early in the day. 

Why was Manfredonia the only parent there for the party? 

Why wasn’t the smell go gingerbread wafting through the halls? 

Why no pictures of sheets of freshly baked gingerbread in the kitchen? 

(Seriously, I’ve seen all these questions.).

But most importantly, What crazed teacher would have a room full of 6 year olds make gingerbread houses?

Now perhaps, Sandy Hook has some over achieving and patient parents and the plans were more elaborate that year. I don’t know. My kids’ school had some pretty ambitious PTA moms, and even they wouldn’t tackle this one. 

And here’s where my little story ties in. 

Our first image isn’t always the right one.

My experience making gingerbread houses with my kids involved gluing graham crackers on milk cartons and decorating the houses with frosting and candies. An upside ice cream cone covered in green icing makes a nice Christmas tree for the yard. Now, google “1st grade gingerbread house” and see what pictures turn up. This is a standard grade school activity across the country. In fact, Sandy Hook has done that very activity in first grade classrooms in years past. I so wish I could show you the pictures to support my statement, but I can’t. Some of your friends don’t play nicely. But if you are ambitious, search for yourself and you will find the supporting images. 

Well, what about the party times? The party times were staggered to accommodate parent parking. But schools have plenty of parking. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. There are plenty of schools that have a parking problem.  Like these schools:

Looking at the overhead pictures of Sandy Hook, I counted about 100 parking spots. With roughly 82 staff ( that would leave 18 spaces for parents. Not nearly enough to have all the first grade parents there at the same time. 



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I’m the 40-something mother of three red-headed boys.
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