A Tale of Two Veroniques

The big buzz this week is the release of the hoaxer documentary entitled “We need to talk about Sandy Hook.” I haven’t watched the whole thing.  For heaven’s sake, it’s over two hours long and it’s almost two weeks before Christmas.  I will confess that I took a little peak at it, as much as I hated giving the hoaxers another view.

I jumped over the introduction and found myself about 14 minutes into the video where a “researcher” was giving information on the backgrounds of some of the parents.  What particularly caught my interest was the discussion of Veronique Pozner.

The “researcher” claims that Veronique, the mother of Noah, is an anti-gun Swiss diplomat.  Now, this is not new, earth-shattering speculation by the hoaxers.  This hypothesis has been around since shortly after the shooting.  In fact, I never touched on the topic because I’d thought that most of the hoaxers had realized early on that this suggestion was ludicrous.  Veronique Pozner, the the Connecticut RN,  and Veronique Haller, the Swiss diplomat, are two completely different people.  Let’s take a closer look at the compelling research this hoaxer presents to establish these woman are the same person.

1.  Both women have connections to Switzerland.

This statement seems to be true.  According to an article in Haaretz, Noah’s mother, Mrs. Veronique Pozner, was born in Switzerland.  This is the same article the hoaxer researcher sites as his source. 

Ms. Veronique Haller, an attorney and Swiss diplomat, may or may not have been born in Switzerland. Here’s Ms. Haller’s speaker bio from The American University’s Human Rights in Business Program.  Ms. Veronique Haller works for the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, DC as a legal counselor. One might assume Ms. Haller was born in Switzerland,  but it’s possible she is another nationality and worked and studied in Switzerland early in her career.  I really don’t know, and the research presented doesn’t address that.   Nor does the researcher indicate specific birthplace, names of parents, birth dates, or any other details that would be necessary to establish that these two woman are the same person. The fact that they are both connected to Switzerland seems to satisfy their “research” requirements.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to remind you that Switzerland is a country with a population of about 8 million people.  We aren’t talking Butcher Holler here.

Let’s see what else this researcher presents.

2.  Ms. Haller is an attorney.  Mrs. Pozner talks like an attorney. So the “researchers” would like you to ignore all information that indicates Pozner is really an oncology nurse.

He tells us we should ignore reports that Pozner is a nurse because she uses phrases like “gross irresponsibility” and “aided and abetted.”  Everyone knows that a simple oncology nurse wouldn’t use such complicated legal terminology.

Any nurses out there?

I’m not a nurse and I’m not an attorney either. But I am the mother of three teenage boys.  I utter the aforementioned phrases, along with other complex legal phrases like “cease and desist,” “breach of duty,” and
“guilty of negligence” in my house on a regular basis.

And make up your mind, researchers. Is the Haaretz a reliable source or not? The same Haaretz article the hoaxer-researcher uses to demonstrate Mrs. Haller Pozner’s place of birth, also lists her occupation as oncology nurse. 

3.  Both women support gun control.

The hoaxer-researcher queries, “How can we be certain this is the same Veronique Haller Pozner?”  To answer the question, the researcher then shows us an image of a conference outline that Veronique Haller, the Swiss diplomat, participated in Geneva on November 7-17, 2006. Ms. Haller is listed as a diplomatic collaborator.

I actually had to rewind this part of the video multiple times to make sure I was hearing correctly. According to the video, this document is the proof that the two women are the same person.  How, in the wildest stretches of the imagination, does this prove they are the same woman?

It doesn’t even prove that Ms. Haller, the diplomat, is pro-gun control.  She attended a states conference on the prohibition of conventional weapons. Remember, Haller is an attorney and foreign diplomat.  This is her job.  This is an international conference where the use of weapons by nations is discussed. One can support an individual’s right to bare arms, while opposing the use of certain weapons by government in warfare. And furthermore, attorneys do not necessarily agree with whatever position they are arguing or advising on. Now, it very well may be true that both woman share similar views on gun control.  But that would not be proof that they are the same person, not even when you add in a shared surname and nationality.

Incidentally, the date of this conference was three days before Noah’s birth date. Pozner gave birth to Noah and his twin on Nov 20, 2006. It’s pretty unlikely she would have traveled from Connecticut to Munich three days before she delivered twins. (Commercial airlines don’t want you flying on international flights within 30 days of your due date.)

Based on the evidence presented, is it logical to draw the conclusion that these two people are the same person? Of course not. These are two totally different people who have similar names. And the “research” presented is, once again, nothing more than wild speculation.

Veronique Haller Pozner is an oncology nurse, not an attorney/Swiss diplomat. Her nursing license is documented here.

The two women have completely different visual appearances based on their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, and media appearances (do your own stalking. I’m not linking).

Pozner worked at Grove Hill. If she didn’t, why has no one from Grove Hill come forward. Now, you have medical staff working in a town 38 miles away involved in the cover up. And if an attorney was posing as a nurse in the facility, that’s a pretty risky cover for both the individual and the medical facility. Why would an accomplished attorney risk her career over another country’s gun laws? And why would Grove Hill open themselves to the risk of lawsuits by having an attorney treat patients while posing as an oncology nurse?

Now, I haven’t watched the rest of the video, and based on the quality of “research” presented 14 minutes in, I doubt I will. But you know, that’s just me, being a sheeple and not thinking for myself.


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6 Responses to A Tale of Two Veroniques

  1. Veronique Haller is a rare name. The idea that there are two Veronique Haller from Switzerland is ridiculous. She updates her photo in the year of the Sandy Hook Hoax and does nothing else on Facebook? Why would you update your picture and then do nothing? And by the way, Haller uncle happens to be an attorney. You have been duped.

  2. John Juenger says:

    Just looked up Pozner’s nursing license, didn’t find anything

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