March for our lives permit 

No, the March for Life permit wasn’t applied for months before the Parkland shooting.  This is more hoaxer fakery. 

National Park Service March Application dated 2/20/18. 
And if that doesn’t convince you, explain why a detective with the DC police would be the person replying to an inquiry about National Park Service permits.

The March for our lives group originally planned the event on the National Mall submitting an application for a permit to the national park service on 2/20/18. When that space wasn’t available, they had to change the location to Pennsylvania Ave and amend the application with the park service for the new location as NPS controls parts of PA Ave. then, they had to submit a second application to DC police as  well. WJLA LOCAL DC NEWS
So, if you are to believe the metro police permit was submitted months before the protest, you’d have to believe the group originally planned to hold the rally on the streets of DC but not on PA Ave. Then, waited until the last minute to put in an unnecessary permit with national parks and then amending that permit days later for what they really needed.  Does that make any sense?


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