Food Deliveries to Sandy Hook

Wolfgang’s latest claim is that no food was delivered to Sandy Hook at least as of April 26, 2012. Wolfgang says the food deliveries went instead to the Sandy Hook students at Chalk Hill.

To support his claim, he has provided us with what he says is an invoice from Compass Foods. Wolfgang doesn’t say much about it, just that’s it’s self explanatory.  Notice the date of 09/06/12 and the Dickinson Drive address. 

He’s previously provided a screenshot of a Compass’s customer database and easily convinced his followers that the screen shot was an invoice. It wasn’t. An invoice shows individual items sold, cost per item, total due, etc.  The screenshot is of the customer record which shows basic customer information like contact and address that can and do change over time. None of his genius followers seemed to notice that the screenshot wasn’t an invoice. 

Wolfgang also released a second screen of the customer database which shows a notation that the company changed the schools address in their records when the school moved to Chalk Hill in January 2013.  But you know, you’d have to be thinking critically to notice that. 

Thanks for your hard work, Wolfgang! You’ve actually helped to prove Sandy Hook was open and operating as of September 2012!

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