How I Fell down the Rabbit Hole

I was at work that Friday morning when evil descended on the town of Newtown, Connecticut.  I caught a few minutes of the live coverage on a TV in the break room that afternoon, but most of the information I had came from updates that scrolled across my phone from Facebook and Twitter.   I kept the TV off that evening and through the weekend; I wanted to shield my own children from the story.  It wasn’t until sometime the following week I turned to the news for an update on the story.

I read the accounts in the Washington Post and NY Times, learning about the victims, their families, and the killer.  Quickly I learned that much of the information originally reported conflicted with information gathered as the investigation proceeded, which didn’t strike me as unusual at all.  But I couldn’t get out of my head the image of Roy Low describing the man in handcuffs who “didn’t do it,” or the child who described a handcuffed man lying prone on the ground.  The news had reported a second man was in custody, so I was quite surprised there was no further mention of the second suspect. Like many of you, when I saw those reports I assumed the two witnesses were describing the same person.  Days later, I could find nothing in mainstream media accounts about the second man who was arrested.

I turned to Google, executing a search for something like “suspect arrested at Sandy Hook.” If any mainstream news reports were returned in my results, they were so far down in my search results that I never saw them.  What I did find was page after page of videos, blog posts and discussions pointing out inconsistencies and discrepancies, challenging me to not be a sheep.  I read them all.  Some were quite convincing.

But I didn’t stop there.  I questioned, “Could there be any truth in these alternate narratives?” And I found there wasn’t. 

My purpose here is to share my analysis of the events, and how, using logic and reason–  the cornerstones of critical thinking, I came to the conclusion that there was no hoax at Sandy Hook.


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