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I’m the 40-something mother of three red-headed boys.

Sandy Hook and Social Security Death Index

One of the lies the hoaxers like to tell is that the victims didn’t appear in the Social Security Death Index or Death Master File (DMF).  This particular lie appears to have started in a Chemtrails article by Livingonplanetz.  Mr. … Continue reading

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The Other FEMA School Shooting Manual

Back in January of 2014, I published an essay titled The FEMA School Shooting Handbook.  You see, back then, no one had invented Sandy Hook FEMA School Shooting Manual so the hoaxers were pushing a document produced by Pottawattamie County, Iowa … Continue reading

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Creative Thinking

Back in college, I took an elective creative writing class.  As a frequent assignment, the professor would pass out pictures— obscure historical photographs, current news photographs, or photos of famous artwork.  Our assignment was to write a fictional story inspired … Continue reading

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Wrong Again, Naturally

In a recent blog post on the website Sandy Hook Justice,  Wolfgang Halbig once again demonstrates his lack of knowledge regarding the law and school policy despite his background in school administration and police work.  In the unwieldy titled post … Continue reading

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The curious case of hoaxers inability to search a license database

The latest nonsense going around is that Hartford Trade Services, the funeral home that cremated Adam Lanza’s body, is not a licensed funeral home.  This leads hoaxers to conclude the shooter’s body was not cremated, therefore never died, therefore hoax. … Continue reading

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Cinderella Misses the Ball

The writer at Cinderella’s Broom has recently left a mess of bread crumbs on the internet. Cindy has published screen shots of Newtown Public Schools 471 application that lists both Sandy Hook Elementary and Chalk Hill as schools within the … Continue reading

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Fact Checking Fetzer

Anyone who is buying into the garbage the hoaxers are spewing should check out the blog  Crisis Actors Guild where the author examines, chapter by chapter, the claims made in Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.  Welcome back to sanity.

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