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Confessions of a Sheeple

I was a sheeple. I admit it. I’d gone through life pretty much not questioning major news stories. I mean, sure, I’ve wondered who really killed JFK.  Who hasn’t?  And there was a brief period of time in the early … Continue reading

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To Mary and Rita

As a child, I attended a large number of funerals. Being from a large Irish Catholic family, there was no shortage of great aunts and uncles dying, and my mother felt it was important to teach children about death at … Continue reading

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Meet Your Brain

As I was watching the Ottawa tragedy unfold yesterday, the press played interviews of witnesses who described the gunshots they heard as “pop, pop.”  Some said they thought it was sounds from the construction site down the street. As I … Continue reading

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It’s Not Impossible: Weaklings can Shoot Fish in a Barrel

Conspiracy Theorists like to say it was physically impossible for Lanza to have acted alone for two reasons:  1) He was too weak to carry the weaponry, and 2) Only a skilled marksman could cause so much damage in so … Continue reading

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My Son does not Exist – and other things I learned from Intelius

I recently learned that my son doesn’t exist.  I was quite surprised to learn this.  I brought him home from the hospital 20 years ago, and raised him for 18 years—feeding him, clothing him and comforting him.  He is a … Continue reading

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The Man in the Woods

Many years ago, I woke in the middle of the night to the sounds of a woman’s screams.  My husband heard it too, and was already jumping out of bed when I woke.  He dashed off into the summer night, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Video?

Where’s the video of Adam Lanza entering the school?  This is one of the most common cries you will hear from Truthers.  The school had a security system, therefore, there should be footage of Adam going into the school with … Continue reading

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