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Cinderella Misses the Ball

The writer at Cinderella’s Broom has recently left a mess of bread crumbs on the internet. Cindy has published screen shots of Newtown Public Schools 471 application that lists both Sandy Hook Elementary and Chalk Hill as schools within the … Continue reading

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The Principal and the Boston Marathon

Wow. It’s hard to believe this rubbish is still going around, but just today, this image was posted on a site I follow. For those of you who believe Ms. Hochsprung also played a character named “Donna” at the Boston … Continue reading

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The Evacuation

Let’s examine the Sandy Hook “Truthers” claim that there are no photos or video evidence of the children being evacuated.  Well, first of all, that’s not true.  There are some photos of children being evacuated.  We’re all familiar the two … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Check-In

My town has an LED sign. It shows up sometimes warning us of high water, a change in traffic pattern, or alerting us to water restrictions. Sometimes, it sits right in front of the firehouse announcing an open house or … Continue reading

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A blog devoted to questioning the official account of Sandy Hook has posted a list of unanswered questions. I thought I’d try to tackle them one by one. Leading the list: 1. Who ordered the port-a-potties? When were they delivered? … Continue reading

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Debunking the Green Screen at the Firehouse

The theory goes like this:  The actors were filmed, prior to 12/14, acting out their roles in front of a blue screen at the Sandy Hook Firehouse.  This film was then played for us on 12/14 in support of the … Continue reading

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The Five who Escaped

In order to believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax, every witness testimony must be discredited.  Let’s take a look at some of the questions surrounding one witness, Tricia Gogliettino.  Ms. Gogliettino was the woman who found five of the … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Christmas Trees at the Firehouse

Lately, I’ve noticed that the Christmas Trees being sold at the Firehouse last December are causing quite a bit of confusion.  Here’s some comments posted responding to Sophia Smallstorm’s  observation that the trees were “hidden” behind the firehouse, ready to … Continue reading

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“Gifted” Properties in Newtown

The most recent entry on James Tracy’s Memory Hole blog promotes the theory  that over 30 homes on Yogananda Street and neighboring Charter Ridge were “gifted” in 2009  (  The author of the posting supports this claim with, SURPRISE!, a … Continue reading

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No Open Caskets

Truthers claim none of the Sandy Hook victim’s families saw the bodies. Identification was made by photographs and all the funerals were closed casket. This is not true. The caskets of Jack Pinto (, Noah Pozner ( and Dawn Hochsprung … Continue reading

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