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Meet Your Brain

As I was watching the Ottawa tragedy unfold yesterday, the press played interviews of witnesses who described the gunshots they heard as “pop, pop.”  Some said they thought it was sounds from the construction site down the street. As I … Continue reading

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Examining the Stories of Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen is painted as one of villains in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  “Truth Seekers” have prepared video after video telling us that his account of the morning of 12/14 is riddled with inconsistencies.  Let’s take a look at these … Continue reading

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Off the Radar

Recently, a truther blog posted a list of unanswered questions about the Sandy Hook shooting, including the question “How did Adam disappear off the radar for 3 yrs if he was a computer wiz?” First of all, the question is … Continue reading

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The Five who Escaped

In order to believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax, every witness testimony must be discredited.  Let’s take a look at some of the questions surrounding one witness, Tricia Gogliettino.  Ms. Gogliettino was the woman who found five of the … Continue reading

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The School Nurse

I really feel bad for Sally Cox, the school nurse at Sandy Hook Elementary.  She survived a horrible ordeal in the school to be accused of lying, changing her story, being an actor, etc. etc. The truth is, she has … Continue reading

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